Breast augmentation surgery, or augmentation mammaplasty, has become one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery today. It gives a woman the ability to make her figure more proportional, correct congenital asymmetry, or simply increase breast size due to personal preference. Other women may seek to restore their breasts to the more youthful appearance they had prior to pregnancy and lactation or even after significant weight loss. Despite the reasons for desiring the procedure, breast augmentation allows a woman the ability to create a more beautiful and natural silhouette of the breast.

Breast augmentation surgery is a safe outpatient procedure performed at a hospital or surgery center. Implants may be either silicone gel or saline, anatomically shaped or round, and come in a wide range of sizes. Implants may be inserted by one of several incision locations and may be placed either above or below the pectoral muscle. Determination for type and size of implant, as well as incision location and placement of the implant are determined based on information gathered during a consultation.

At your initial consultation, Dr. Hawner will have an in depth discussion with you to review your medical history and listen to your plastic surgery desires and goals. He will also conduct a thorough examination including taking specific measurements in order to determine appropriate implant size. By the end of your consultation, Dr. Hawner will have developed a plan tailored for your specific body measurements and your desired goals for the outcome.

As part of his practice, Dr. Hawner also performs the sometimes challenging breast revision surgeries after an initial augmentation. Whether due to complications with an implant or simply a woman’s change in preference of appearance, Dr. Hawner provides the expertise needed to correct an undesirable result from a previous surgery. In these cases, records from the initial plastic surgeon’s office are needed to facilitate the development of a surgical plan.

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Before & After Photos

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